Pistol Pete Wearn & the Wildwood Flowers

by Pistol Pete Wearn & the Wildwood Flowers

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    Pistol Pete Wearn & the Wildwood Flowers is a brand new collaboration between two-time Moonshine Magazine solo blues artist of the year Pistol Pete Wearn with singer-songwriter Helena Francesca & fiddle player Olly Parry. Moving away from traditional blues, it focuses on country-influenced songwriting, melancholy harmonies and traditional acoustic instruments.

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From the press release:

Pistol Pete Wearn, twice crowned Blues artist of the year by Moonshine Magazine, releases Pistol Pete Wearn and the Wildwood Flowers on 20th September 2019.

The EP takes a more Americana-focused approach than Wearn’s earlier Delta-driven work, and acts as a showcase for his mature songwriting. It is performed on traditional instruments – including fiddle and autoharp - by a trio that features Wearn himself on guitar and lead vocals.

“Coming off of my 2018 European tour,” he explains, “a new project in which I could express some more personal feelings and thoughts - away from the rawer, bluesier sound I’d been playing - made a lot of sense.”

An Adventure in Country Music

Country music is having a moment on the British music scene, recently being named as the fastest growing genre in the country. Wearn’s enthusiasm for the form goes back much further, however, and is part of his more general love of American roots music.

“Although this release is a departure for my music, the songs are also very much a progression,” Wearn says. “I love artists like Gillian Welch and Willie Watson, who take country music back to its rawer beginnings. That’s what we’re trying to do here.”

The trio is completed by BBC Introducing favourite Helena Francesca on backing vocals and autoharp, and Olly Parry on fiddle. The musicians met in their native town of Stafford, where one of the leafier suburbs, Wildwood, shares its name with the titular flower in a famous song by country royalty The Carter Family.

Personal, Emotive Songcraft

The songs performed by the trio were all written by Wearn, and emphasise the personal and emotional.

On evocative opener “Young, Free and Beautiful”, Wearn sings of being happy to “sink into my middle years” alongside a loved one, as Helena Francesca’s soaring backing vocals lift the sentiment towards the redemptive. On the snarling “What Kind of Man”, meanwhile, Olly Parry’s fiddle bites and snipes at a target of Wearn’s ire: “Is it easy for a man like you to sleep at night?” he asks as Parry plays.

Melody is another focus of the songs: on “In A Cold Cold Jail”, attentive listeners will recognise in Wearn’s wry delivery an echo of Jimmy Rodgers; in “’68 Harmony”, the trio paint a shimmering and memorable picture of a storied guitar: strummed across different generations, it finds new life each time. This motif of passing down a tradition is as good a metaphor as any for the Wildwood Flowers’ fresh take on a time-honoured music.


released September 20, 2019

Pete Wearn: vocal & guitar
Helena Francesca: vocal & autoharp
Olly Parry: vocal & violin

Produced & engineered by Matt Bishop at Inspire Music
All songs written by Pete Wearn, except 6 Traditional arranged by Wearn/Raby/Parry
Percussion by Pete Wearn & Matt Bishop

The band would like to thank: Matt Bishop; Nia & Brit; Dan Hartland; Jamie Parkes; & Ursula Griffiths

Footstomping Records #FS1010 ℗ & © 2019. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Pistol Pete Wearn Stafford, UK

"old-school blues" - Nottingham Post

"If this don't get at least one of your feet stomping, then there's really no hope for you..." - Indie Music Mag

"local blues legend" - Stafford Radio

"music to drink, dance and stomp your feet along to... a real stripped down blues session in all its glory." - Derby Gig Guide

"devilishly catchy...an abundance of soul" - Staffs Live
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Track Name: Young, Free & Beautiful
Young Free & Beautiful

I remember the smell of baking bread always hanging on my clothes
And endless queues of valley boys all slurring their prose
I remember a girl in a green t-shirt with plum coloured hair
And a nervous smile that crossed her face whenever I got near

And we were young free and beautiful
I didn’t know it back then
Oh to be young and free and beautiful
To be young free and beautiful again

There were days in pretty seaside towns during bleak winter storms
We’d kill some time in Woolworths’ aisles and find a pub to keep us warm
There was a picnic in a frozen park and a famous limestone cave
There was crazy golf at the pleasure park during the oh-three heat wave


Now the time has come that a young man’s clothes grow faded and tight
And I look back on halcyon days in rose coloured light
And as I sink through middle years into ages dark sea
Well the best thing about growing old is that you’re still here with me

Chorus x 2
Track Name: '68 Harmony
’68 Harmony

It was a fateful morning in ‘74
When I picked that guitar off the floor
Where it had sat for a year or more
Underneath my girlfriend’s bed

And I guess her folk weren’t much disposed
To having guitars picked & songs composed
Because that there case had stayed shut closed
It became my guitar instead

It was a ’68 Harmony
Wasn’t much to look at
but it sounded good to me
It was real well battered
And real well played
And I fell in love with the sound it made

Well I played it for her by the shore
And in the parking lot of the ice cream store
I played that guitar more and more
Until the day that we got wed

And I played it for our firstborn son
I played Twinkle Star and Aiken Drum
And the day that he took his first strum
Felt so much pride that tears were shed


And I played it for my daughter too
I played camping grounds and school revues
I learned every Disney song right through
Just to sooth her pretty head

And I played it once more on my own
When my wife had left and my kids had flown
I played for a girl from San Antone
She was the second one I wed


One day I loaned it to my new wife’s son
Who headed straight down to the Pawn & Gun
He traded it for a stack of ones
He could spend on crack instead

And I hope whoever has it today
Has friends to love & songs to play
& my old guitar has things to say
& music it can spread

Track Name: What Kind of Man
What kind of man

What kind of man do you think you are
Do you look in the mirror and see some superstar
What kind of man treats folk like you do
When they show you their loyalty you leave them feeling used
Is it easy for a man like you to sleep at night
Do you just take want you want from life and think that that’s alright

Oh tell me how, what made you say
I’m going to take something beautiful and burn it all away
Tell me how could you walk away
Once you’d made the bed of thorns in which others have to lay
Because you’re the kind of man who’s going through life on your own
There’s a greater sense of decency in a tree or in a stone

What kind of man could have such gall
You’ve clearly got more faces than a clockmaker’s back wall
Tell me how you feel no shame
There’s people here that trusted you with not a penny to their name
And if you’re jumped in an alley on a dark and lonely night
Well I promise that it won’t be me but I might just feel alright

What kind of man has no remorse
Well a self-centred bullshit act I should have guessed of course
What kind of man would run and hide
Well the kind without a stomach or a backbone inside
You must know that your choices will come back to you someday
Yet somehow you stumble on and make them anyway

Well there’s a place that’s reserved for men like you in hell
So don’t expect a handshake just consider this farewell
Track Name: Redemption

Well it ain’t your forty acres it’s my grandpa’s farm
Taken from him by Sherman’s arm
It’s the place
Where I used to play
Until some blowhard yankee took my birthright away

We’re just looking for redemption
Some place for free determination
I woke up and it’s just not my nation
No place for a man like me anymore

After two years in Elmira got my ticket home
Headed back to a life that’s gone
I had to take off the patches
But I still wear my grey
I’m holed up in a shack and living from day to day


Those carpetbaggers in the statehouse couldn’t give a damn
They’re all worshiping the wrong Abraham
They sold off the railroads
Where we might have got paid
They just quarrel and quibble as the Blood Stained Banner fades


Headed up to the plantation with a few good men
Guys I’ve known since way back when
You know we figure
There’s a lesson needs learned
We’re going to build us a fire and watch those free men burn
Track Name: In A Cold Cold Jail
In a cold cold jail

I used to sip champagne on ocean liners
No man was richer no clothes were finer
I would dine each night on veal and quail
Now I’m here in a cold cold jail

I was the toast of the town a man of wealth and power
I wrote my name on a golden tower
I was lord of an empire of epic scale
Now I’m here in a cold cold jail

Now there never was a mistress who was quite so funny
So queer and fickle as the lady money
Now I haven’t got a penny to pay my bail
So I’m here in a cold cold jail

Well life was easy and life was sweet
Streets paved with dollar bills were at my feet
I could buy anything in a world for sale
Now I’m here in a cold cold jail

I used to have fast cars and have fast blonds
And have eight million dollars in mortgage bonds
Now it seems that things have gone off the rails
And I’m here in a cold cold jail

Well oysters were shucked and corks were popped
Then we watched in terror as the market dropped
And the judge said “wrongdoing can’t prevail”
So I’m here in a cold cold jail
so nemesis comes from grace I fall
Now I scratch the days in my cell wall
Oh hear my story hear my tale
I’m here in a cold cold jail
Track Name: Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Going down the road feeling bad

I’m going down the road feeling bad
Going down that road feeling bad
Going down that road feeling bad, good lord
And I ain’t gonna be treated this way

I’m going where the water’s sweet like wine

The water here it tastes like turpentine

I’m going where the weather suits my clothes

These two-dollar shoes they hurt my toes

I’m going where the dust storms never blow

Oh I miss my home & family so

I’m going down that old dusty road

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